Environmental Change and Human Activity over the Last 1000 Years in the Lan-Yang River Drainage System (ECHA1000)
Reconstructing Quaternary sea-surface temperatures of the Western Pacific Warm Pool using multiple proxies of planktic foraminifera: ODP site 1115B in the Solomon Sea
Reconstruction of hydrological structures of upper ocean using oxygen and carbon isotopes of multiple planktic foraminifera: Case studies of the Western Pacific Warm Pool and Southern Okinawa Trough
Carbon and oxygen isotopic analyses and chemostratigraphic correlation of geological cores:Jia-Nan plain and Lang-Yang Plain

Reconstruction of Late Quaternary Sea-surface temperature of the South China Sea: Two alternative approaches using calcareous nannofossil assemblages and Mg/Ca ratio of planktic foraminifera

Calcareous nannofossil biostratigraphy of ODP Leg 195 sites with special emphasize on oxygen and carbon isotope stratigraphy of site 1202, Southern Okinawa Trough

Late Neogene paleoceanography of Western Pacific: Oxygen and carbon isotope stratigraphies of ODP1125 and ODP1143

Quaternary paleoceanography of Western Pacific margin using multiple geochemical proxies
Paleoceanographic study of Southwest Pacific: Calcareous nannofossil biostratigraphy and foraminiferal carbon isotope stratigraphy of ODP1123 and ODP1125
Reconstruction of sea-surface temperature (SSTs) in the Southern Okinawa Trough for the last 20,000 years using Gephyrocapsa (calcareous nannofossil)
Foraminiferal multispecies approach to reconstructing South China Sea thermocline hydrography during the past 160 kyrs.
Recognizing Holocene climatic events in the Northwestern China by studying the sedimentary core BLX-C of Lake Bosten, Xinjiang